Much more than just „the last station“ of the Danube Delta. 

If you wanna go there, and you don’t feel like swimming, you have to catch the ferry or a boat.

I ended up in this little town and stayed for almost two weeks. I didn’t recognize any bad vibes or energies. Everybody seemed to be relaxed and calmed down.  Even the street dogs are not disturbing at all, they are a part of the locals, belonging to Sulina! Didn’t meet any stressed or aggressive dog…. 

And who wonders…. SULINA SPIRIT, made out of the people you gonna met there and this stunning nature! 

You can discover the delta by kayaking, well you can discover it by cruising around with a touristically motor boat and some fancy music on top as well. But that’s something you better shouldn’t . 

You can’t even get an idea of the beauty of calmness which the delta has to offer if you gonna do it like this. 

Anyway. Sulina has this stunning delta to offer, which means you are able to see a hundred of different, beautiful birds. Frogs. Snakes…. 

…. the end of the Danube. Which means, it is floating into the Black Sea. 

The beach in Sulina is damn pretty. You can have a beer at a beach bar if u feel like and get a beach chair and a umbrella…. (might be interesting for those who are even interested in cruising around with a motor boat?!)

But you can also, and i give u the advice to do that, go for a loooooong loooooooong walk at the seaside. For couple of hours. Cows and wild horses might passing by and birds are enjoying the calmness at those wild beaches. 

I spend couple of hours without seeing anybody. 

There is probably no better way to enjoy silence. Therefore you should bring ur tent, or even better: just a sleeping bag to sleep under the stars…. The sky is amazing. Stars, i didn’t see them that bright a long time ago…. so many. 

A one million stars hotel just for yourself! 

And if you gonna be a lucky one during that night: 

You might see these incredible glowing magic in the sea. Water has to be quiet, no waves. And it has to be dark, which means: less moon as possible! 

If it is: Jesus! You gonna find a second sky in the sea. A thousand of glowing, little “worms” battling with the stars. Who’s glowing brighter and intense ?! 

I couldn’t give an answer. Was inspired, impressed and felt full-field at the same time. In that moment you touch the water, everything around your hand, or whatever you put inside, starts to glow! Go for a swim and your whole body will be kind of protected by something magically glowing!

I still keep thinking about this phenomena. Those worms, which are actually phytoplankton, a microscopic organisms that live in both salt and fresh water. Like land plants, they use chlorophyll to capture light and photosynthesis to convert it to ENERGY. 

Anyway…. Phytoplankton…. I prefer calling them: glowing worms. 🙂

Nature is stunning. 

Oh! And if you gonna hear noises during the night…. Don’t worry, probably you will just be surrounded by beach dogs, cows or those beautiful wild horses. Or maybe the glowing worms are having a little samba!? 

Getting up in the morning, seeing the sun rising up out of the sea, to me, is another magically moment. It’s the end of the camping night and the start of another beautiful day. Having a naked swim during the sunrise made me feel like being the only person on an still sleeping earth.  

So make sure your not gonna miss that! 

Nevertheless, I don’t Wanne miss to mention this nice, full of harmonies campground, which belongs to Calin, a guy who arrived four years ago in Sulina, felt in love with this place and decided to stay. 

In the beginning, still little and quite challenging, now he is offering really great Kajak tours and places at this lovely campground. I just sensed nice people ending up there. Some of them volunteering during the summer, some of them wanted to visit Sulina for a day, or two and then just changed their minds and stayed longer. Got attached by this typical Sulina spirit. 

Ok. Some of them just stayed one night…..but they probably had a reason. 

But all of them have at least  one thing in comment: they all feel this Sulina spirit and they all think, that Calins campground is a perfect place to share this spirit… and to let it grow and to transform it in something even more beautiful! This campground is offering nice conversations, deep talks. Serious  but much more funny moments. Sharing is caring… they use to prepare food together, having lunch and dinner. Celebrating,  being together, in good company. 

Never saw such a great campground, so personally and full of love. You can even feel that every shelter, feather and every stone which got doctorated around has an purpose, got decorated with love. 

I might sound much more spiritual than I did in the beginning of my journey. 

I already recognized how much this travel changed me. Well, I actually try to avoid the word “change” according to this travel context. 

Change, to me is something active, which you can do, right know! If you want to. You can change your cloth, your hairstyle, your make up. Weather changes. You can change something, but to change yourself, it helping to change somebody else, you need to transform. That’s the word which is much more matching, in my opinion.

All this spirituality happened to me during a process, it transformed into something I already really felt in love with. It transformed in a “better” me ?! In a “clearer” me?!

Transformation…. wich means it happens time by time. Little by little. Maybe somehow even without recognizing, but for sure mostly with a lot of effort. Transformation doesn’t mean it’s always fun. Usually it’s not. But in the end, if you get use to, you just find out the beautifully of this process, even it’s painful (sometimes). It always pays off! 

Let’s transform “bad” thinks into something beautiful!

I got the feeling that I met kind of those “transformed people” in Sulina. 

After a couple of days I just realized, that I have been more  relaxed and calmed down day by day and recharged my battery. And of course: I recognized me transforming in a way as well. 

I am glad and thankful that I came to Sulina. That I got to know that little town. 

And i am glad and thankful for all the people I met. 

And there goes a special, big and lovely THANKS to Janine, who hosted me. That’s what I gonna call a powerful women! 

Again another proof, that age doesn’t even matter at all! 

She does cycling tours through the Danube delta, by the way. 

So if you want to discover it by bike (which I did!) you gonna have this great opportunity to met up with her as well! 

See you soon, SULINA! ❤️