100 days on the road, I am in Turkey now. I prefer collecting experiences instead counting country’s. But to those who are interesting in: country number 10.

Time is still going fast, even if it feels like I never did something else beside cycling and living this specific, maybe kind of gypsy, lifestyle. 

At the beginning I was always talking about an adventure, about MY “little big adventur” which I am going to start. But actually i never got the feeling of doing “not normal”, doing something like an adventure. It feels like a life how it should be, to me, like a life which seems to be perfect for all the little needs I have. 

The most I am cycling, the most I am expire, the most I am discovering the most i am getting closer and closer to the feeling of deeply happiness, which is magically to recognize. Being active and being through the nature makes me able listening to my inner voice and to react in the way i need to. 

Being a part of the nature now, sleeping on the ground, sleeping in my hammock, breathing instantly the fresh air, listening to the wind. Animals. Sea. Campfire. Voices. Being a part of the nature now, makes me feel much more alive than I ever felt before! Alive, full of energy. 7 hours sleeping outside and getting kissed good morning by the sun, the voice of the birds or the wind is what I deserve. It seems like I am reloading all my battery’s with the energy of nature. Besides after sleeping ten hours in a room I usually still feel tired, sleepy, without any energy. Often even more tired than before and kind of depressed. 

I am reduce on the less, reduce  on the stuff I REALY need. To me, now the daily business is much more easier. It’s exactly like JANOSCH said:” if u need almost nothing, u have everything”

I met so many lovely people. They were interesting in my journey, interesting in me. I met people sharing their food with me, giving me fishes they fished, inviting me for drinks, giving me fruits… I even got free tattoos by an Bosnian tattooist.

They were sharing what they were able to share and they didn’t think about the money or about gettin something back.

And there where those magical people I met who are still around, even not physically but in my mind. People with who I spend lovely moments, with who I shared experiences, love and minds. 

Thanks to everybody I met so far! And thanks for teaching me, giving me another perspective of my life, of life in general. All of u are making my journey that much magically and special! 

Everybody has other imaginations of life living. And i guess I can just talk like that, because I already had the opportunity to live a quite normal life, I went to school, studied, was living in flats with floating water, electricity, windows, a bed, a kitchen. 

I never lived like a rich girl, but I always had the “basics” around. 

There is that saying  that u always want to have, what u are not being able to have! 

And i know that many people might not understand me, leaving a quite well structured life behind me to discover another, less structured and more minimalistic one.  

People, who never lived a life in basics like a  usual “middle European” does, because they never had the opportunity, the chances to… they often totally don’t understand my seeing. They were even quite jealous and would love to live a life like I did… just for a short time, a year, a week or even just a day. 

But I always get touched when i am passing by poor villages, passing by camps. I always get touched by the energy which is still around, around and even more around than in other villages. Energy of happiness and love. Pure life, Natural. Honest. 

Who knows what’s coming next, who knows what life is going to teach me in the future. Who knows how my believing, wishing and thinking’s are going to transform next and who knows if my currently way of life will still make me happy during the next months. 

Who knows. 

The only think I really, really know is that i am glad of everything what’s happing right know. Glad of every person and every beautiful soul I am going to meet. Glad of every experience, every day waking up in my tent or my hammock, every night falling in sleep by listening to the nature. Every evening looking for a place to camp. AND: all this beautiful nature. Sometimes I am speechless, can’t even find the right words when I am reaching a stunning spot after climbing a hill or cycling a heavy road. It always pays of! That’s what I definitely can tell! 

Cycling every day already changed my body, I left fat and it mades me more skinner, more fitter, more stronger. I left my curles in Croatia for dreads, which I love, got this new tattoos in Bosnia and even a new tattoo in Greece. I turned 30 in Greece, celebrating it with my brother and another beautiful soul who had birthday as well. Thanks for celebrating it together!

Let’s see how I will end up, physically but especially in my mind. 100 days of being on the road and the people I met so far were already changing it, in a quite good way, what I really appreciate!

I love my current way of life and beside of missing my closest friends(I really do.), I am just looking forward for what’s coming next.  

What’s coming next? 

Well, I am heading to Istanbul, to have another time off, with Basti! Looking forward going to an Festival (Big Burn) and spending some more days together! 

After that, might sound wear, but after Istanbul I am heading back to Europe. No! Not for returning. Just cycling through Bulgaria, Romania, maybe even Serbia, or Kosovo which I didn’t so far. Iam going to spend 2 more month in Europe until I am heading again to Istanbul to meet up with Basti again. With Basti and HIS BIKE!  

He supported me in a gorgeous way I couldn’t even imagine. And now I am glad and looking forward that he is going to join me from the beginning of October till …. the end?! 

Together u are less alone.

Together u are more together.