Hungary, what a lovely country, full of hospitality , friendly and curious people.

One night (to me a very specific night), I was camping at a lake where people use doing night fishing. I set my tent and did my usual program as every night. Relaxing and almost ready for  sleeping, two boys walking around my tent and invited me for a beer. Just moved to their place and we started to communicate via Google translator. Other guys joined as well and I made my first contact with PALINKA! It’s an Hungarian brandy, mostly made of cherry or plums. 

We spend a nice time together, people brought me food and again PALINKA or another beer.

Next morning, 6:30 am, I got out of my tent and the first think they asked me wasn’t if I was sleeping well or something, they asked me for a PALINKA! 

I got invited many times, for PALINKA, but even for beer and coffee.

“Whole Hungary is behind you, call me if u need something, I will help you.” 

The Hungarians were taking pictures with me, and even if it wasn’t easy to communicate at all, at least they always got the sense of my journey and appreciated what i am doing. 

Here in Hungary, live is different. 

People are working a lot for their own farming, taking care of the animals, the garden, plants…. they are trying to provide for themselves and often being dependent on selling their products. 

I met so many fishing mans, they where always so proud to fish a really big one. As well it’s probably pretty cool to grab a big fish as they are dependent on what they are fishing! 

That’s why I always catch the chance to buy my food on markets. Of course, it’s  definitely nice to buy and to eat fresh, regional stuff and to sample the locals real live situations. But I really love the background of supporting and to get in touch with them.

The nights during my journey through Hungary have been quite warm, I didn’t freeze anymore and I went swimming in the Balaton, rivers and lakes. It’s almost summer now! 

One more nice thing for spending my time over here in April is, that there is no season jet. Means, beaches aren’t regular open and I was always sleeping at nice camping spots, where nobody cared about, course nobody (instead of fishers) have been there! Electricity and floating water out of the sinks were available on top! 

Hit the reverse conclusion was, that I didn’t had the possibility of enjoying the spirit of typical Hungarian gastronomy, because they are still closed. It’s probably lovely to the all those beautiful bars and restaurants full of people, enjoying the delicious food and of course: PALINKA! 

Is Hungarian made for cycling? 

Well. There is this Donau-Cycleway, which I just followed for around 50 km and there is this Balaton Cycleroute which I cycled for more than 100 km. Both nice, but to me quite boring because it looks mostly the same and at least cycling a cycling course has nothing to do with the country’s being.

Bicycle lanes in mane streets mostly aren’t excising and it’s definitely not fun to cycle them anyway. U are usually the only cyclist on the street and the car drivers aren’t expecting or even liking you! But if u are traveling with a tough bike, there are many nice, small and lonely streets to sidestep. They are usually made for tractors and the ground can be worse, sometimes sandy, sometimes scree, often pebble , gras and  land ground. Even if it’s going to be hard sometimes and you have to push your bike, it always pays of with beautiful landscapes, those typical grapevines, farmers with old tractors or even with horse buggy’s, nice views with far horizontals, and particularly those old and traditional neighborhoods with its rustikal gardens, old and damaged houses, chickens , goats and even pics walking around! 

Sometimes, when plots are looking totally chaotically, nearly messy but still full of charming, you can basically just guess if somebody is still living there or if it’s already left by it’s owners. 

I often thought it’s left, stoped by to take pictures and got suddenly surprised by its owners loud barking dog! 

One of my favorite picture I unfortunately just kept in my memory’s, not on my camera, is an elderly walking his goat around. He had an expression of being full field, hones and knowledge of live. 

After I had such a exciting time during my cycling in Hungary, I am heading to see what’s going on in Slovenia and Croatia! 

The most unique thing which is going to happen in Croatia is that i am going to see my boyfriend Basti in Zagreb on Friday . If u have a boyfriend who is always supporting and believing in everything you do, you can be pretty sure he’s gonna be the right one! 

As well I will meeting up somewhere in Croatia with my lovely brother who is during a motorcycle tour with his friend. So looking forward to see him! 

But first: Of to Slovenia! I have never been there before and quite curious for getting a spirit of it! 

 Kilometers i cycled so far: 2177