The days until departure are numbered and the equipment is almost complete.
I'm certainly not a perfectionist, but I certainly start much more relaxed, if I have tested the equipment before, as offers a short break with Basti in Mallorca.

After we have searched before the flight a nature reserve without further research, we are with the arrival relatively unerring towards Santanie and from there on foot to Cala Figuera from where we, after we crossed a wonderful fishing village, over hill and dale an enchanting Bay, which we then called our home for five days and four nights.
A time that can not be more perfect.

The AURORA 1 tent by WECHSEL really impressed me. Although we had mostly sun, in the meantime surprised us but already some stormy winds, but the tent did not harm.
Aligned for one person, but for people who really like, sometimes feasible for two people 😉
Thanks to the wonderful Renate and Jutta from ELSA, I helped with my "Sea To Summit Comfort Light Insulated Mat" and my sleeping bag from Mammut cuddly and cozy!
For the food preparation, I have decided for the MRS gasoline stove, which has contributed to me the great Christina Heinrich-Diekmann.
It is remarkable how much helpfulness I can enjoy in relation to my trip. And how much recognition reaches me from such distant people. THANK YOU!

Since I want to live as sparingly as possible on my tour, I have set out to fire my hitherto hidden fishing talent.
So we tried to fish in Mallorca. With a stick, fishing line, floats, hooks and various baits like anchovies, corn, cheese and bread. In addition, of course, permanent ringing calls "Fischiiii, Fischiiiiiiiiii, Fischiiiiiii, fish", unfortunately without success.
Our disappointment was alleviated, however, when we had hitchhiked back to town saying that neither place nor period for successful fishing had been made.
So stay tuned, the thing with the fishing 🙂

Chilling was then more successful in the evening in our hammocks around the campfire.
The Therm-A-Rest has been very much reinforced, as it has a slot for a mattress and it is optimally protected from the cold and wind without the mat, as usual, slips back and forth and finally lands everywhere, just not under the butt !
Washing your body, dishes and clothes in ice-cold water, brushing your teeth with a view of the sea, practicing yoga with headwinds, slivers in your fingers, scratches and abrasions on your legs and arms, broken and dirty fingernails. No deodorant, no electricity, no stress, no duties.
No obligations, except: collecting firewood.
Four nights, four campfires.
Collect wood ... .. collect a lot of wood ... make a fire, lie in a hammock, enjoy warmth and let your gaze wander between starry skies and the flames.
There are many things people can not understand and understand about people in terms of behavior, passions, attitudes to life and the way they live.
One thing that will probably always be a mystery to ME is that there are so many incredible people on this earth who have never gone to sleep by counting REAL stars. Outside, in the great outdoors, in the open air.
My appeal to those who have always preferred to sleep in bed rather than forgiving themselves with the sleeping bag.

Not "just" living on earth, but being a part of it!

After five days wellness holiday a la "Carmens and Bastis Geschmack"
I find it incredibly difficult to fly back.
All the better the idea that it will soon be out in the world, out into nature for an indefinite time, on my LITTLE BIG ADVENTURE!

Thank you Basti for the nice "Time out" and probably the most romantic equipment test you can imagine 🙂