On my way to Londonderry, 30 kilometers from Dublin, I slowly kept my eyes open for a suitable place to sleep. A narrow path of large boulders, led me from the winding coastal road down to the sea.
Big stones forced me to carry my bike with my luggage on my shoulder and so I balanced, finally along the rock wall, on the uneven ground for a long time. However, apparently perfect sleeping places have not stopped me. Something in me wanted to go on, did not feel well. It was starting to dawn, I had not eaten yet and finally I was missing my camp for the night. So I decided to take the next opportunity and set up my quarters.
Said and done.
I hung, wet with sweat from the Totour, in my hammock, overlooking the sea. A dream, evidently, because anything in me could not be satisfied at all.
So I packed my seven things together again and dragged my bike over the huge stones for more minutes.
Suddenly I discovered a degenerate staircase which led to an equally decayed porch.
There I spread out and enjoyed the view.

The next morning, awakened by the sun and the sound of the water, I looked at the sea, which had now washed the entire ledge.
I would have got pretty wet feet!

Nice, so far from the modern, away from civilization and away from consumption, to get to know his instinct and make use of him!

Hello instinct! Nice that you're there!
From now on, I look forward to making my decisions with you!